There is board software that offer advanced security features and better data protection

There is board software that offer advanced security features and better data protection

An urgent problem for many organizations is the confidentiality of information. As the board of directors works with business-critical company data, they need a secure workspace for their collaboration. In this case, board software is a perfect alternative. So, how reliable is the solution?

Board software – a secure way to organize board meetings

Almost all business processes are now in the Internet space. However, behind the obvious convenience lies one big risk – security. Hackers and scammers actively look for and exploit “holes” in systems. Only this year, the number of cyberattacks on companies from completely different industries has increased by ten times. This problem is typical for the board of directors’ activity because they usually work with business-critical data. In the process of activity of the collegial body, a set of interrelated documents is formed, usually called a functional document complex. The complex includes documents that belong to various subsystems and documentation systems but are united by the management situation and the authority of the body in which they are created. Managers are indispensable participants in the document flow, so they need quick access to documents received in their name, regardless of location. For this purpose, companies look for new solutions to organize secure interaction between collegial bodies. In this case, board software is a win-win solution. The software provides a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use solution for any organization that wants to host teleconferences with hundreds of audio and video participants.

The platforms help companies, including geographically dispersed companies, to organize a meeting following the company’s internal regulations and regulate the implementation of decisions made during the event. The system can be used for classical board meetings and meetings within the framework of projects.

Security measures of the boarding platform

The modern board portals designed to automate the work of collegiate bodies provide the necessary tools at all stages of this process, including preparing questions for meetings, fixing the decisions taken in the minutes, and further monitoring the implementation of decisions.

Almost all board software vendors are ISO 27001 certified, and all data within the video conferencing system is encrypted. It makes such a solution a perfect platform for meetings where sensitive information is handled. All servers are owned, hosted, and operated by data centers. The combination of technologies in the solution guarantees secure, high-quality audio and video communications. The solution is cross-platform and works on all major operating systems and types of devices, including mobile ones.

The protection policy in the board software is provided in many areas:

  • passwords
  • pin codes with application blocking if the PIN code is entered incorrectly,
  • data encryption
  • well-protected data storage
  • possibility of two-factor authentication by entering into the system the code sent via SMS
  • the use of an enhanced qualified electronic signature for legally significant voting
  • access settings to the application from various internal and external environments,
  • other specialized solutions.

An additional of virtual board meetings is the ability to record. The board members who cannot attend the general meeting can watch it later. The organizer does not have to repeat information or conduct the additional discussion. Boars software is a reliable system that will put things in order in documents, assignments, archives, and data management.